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At EcoStim Energy Solutions, we are committed to using the best possible means for developing both conventional and unconventional reservoirs. EcoStim has built the best possible team and acquired the best available equipment to meet that commitment.

EcoStim provides best-in-class hydraulic fracturing technology using turbine and conventional pumping fleets with advanced fluids, chemicals, diverter systems and pin-point completion systems.

EcoStim International Well-Stimulation Operations

The Oklahoma Stack Play: The Next Boom for Energy Investors?

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Why EcoStim?

Proven solutions, greater efficiencies, local resources and a smaller environmental footprint—what’s not to like?

Measure. Predict. Repeat.

EcoStim applies proprietary algorithms to existing 3D data, giving you unprecedented power to predict.

Investor Relations

With experienced personnel and a growing demand for responsible production, EcoStim is solidly positioned for growth.


Assembling Smarter Technologies:

By combining solutions such as geo-engineering, reservoir-monitoring systems and pin-point completion techniques, we can optimize stage placement and reduce horsepower requirements. EcoStim has also reduced the surface footprint, environmental impact and costs by deploying the industry’s most advanced turbine-pumping units (TPUs).

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Predicting 700x450

Predicting Sweet Spots More Effectively:

Developing unique and heterogenous shale reservoirs requires an integrated technology approach. EcoStim combines different technologies to characterize the reservoir and engineer completions -- resulting in improved efficiency, higher production and better economics.

  • Ability to make quick decisions
  • Mature Neural Networks
  • Smarter Algorithms
  • Ground Truthing the data
  • More focus on the data
  • Eco-friendly solutions
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