Field Management // Where Smart And Profitable Overlap

With EcoStim Energy Solutions’ Field Management System, we have created a revolutionary methodology for reducing costs, improving efficiencies and increasing resource-recovery rates.

EcoStim Energy Solutions — YPF Fiber Operation 01

Our suite of advanced but fully commercialized technologies can be combined to build confidence in the geophysical predictive models we provide our clients. These proprietary, cost-effective, and extremely efficient Geo-Predict® techniques, which include our sliding sleeves and permanent fiber-optic diagnostic monitoring systems, can help customers target their well-completion operations on the sweet spots, allowing for a potentially significant reduction in the number of stimulation stages to be executed. This methodology has the potential to lower production cost while reducing the environmental impact at the same time.

EcoStim Energy Solutions — Field Management Fiber Optics


Through EcoStim’s fiber-optic monitoring and other diagnostic tools, we are able to precisely verify wellbore cement integrity to minimize the risk of any possible contamination of aquifers or surface water. We can also monitor the stimulation operation in real time and production characteristics over the life of the well including the ability to measure information from each stimulation stage.

Pinpoint Well Stimulation

  • Coil-tubing deployed
  • No pump-down plugs, actuating balls or perforating guns
  • Five minutes between hydraulic stimulations
  • Uses up to 20 percent less water
  • Add stages on the fly with jet perforating
  • No components to retrieve and no plugs or ball seats to drill out after stimulation
  • More reliable than any other multi-stage system