Well Stimulation + Completion // Putting Advanced Tools To Work For You

Through a more intelligent, targeted approach to well completion, EcoStim can reduce the number of stages and horsepower requirements by as much as 50 percent—water usage by as much as 20 percent—making the environmental footprint smaller and reducing producing costs. This technology combines our EcoStim Field Management System with the most modern well-stimulation technology, such as coil-tubing deployed sliding sleeves, to target only the sweet spots and achieve maximum efficiency.  Modern, state-of-the-art stimulation equipment is employed to pump each stage, resulting in increased efficiency, lower costs and greater production.

EcoStim Energy Solutions — Aerial Spread
OK SPread


For new or existing wells, EcoStim provides a variety of pressure-pumping services including workover pumping, well injection, cased-hole testing, mud displacement, wireline pump downs and coiled tubing pump downs. We also offer a state-of-the-art pumping fleet, including trailer-mounted well-stimulation pumps for tight gas, nitrogen pumping units and cranes. Skid-mount configurations are also available.

EcoStim Energy Solutions — Coiled Tubing Truck
Ecostim Coil Tubing 01
Ecostim Coil Tubing 02
Ecostim Coil Tubing 03


EcoStim’s coiled-tubing capabilities cover a wide range of applications for horizontal completion, workover and well-maintenance projects. Our equipment is built to accommodate the most challenging environments and features 1.25” diameters with a maximum length of 22,000 feet or 2” diameters with a maximum length of 17,500 feet.