Fiber-Optic Monitoring

EcoStim Energy Solutions — Technologies: Fiber Optic Monitoring


EcoStim Energy Solutions’ reservoir-monitoring systems are able to monitor “life of the well” operations with the latest fiber-optic sensing technologies, including Distributed Temperature Sensing, Distributed Acoustic Sensing and Bottom-hole Pressure Sensing.

We offer both permanently installed sensor systems and temporary retrievable sensors. Our integrated sensor systems are ideal for monitoring fracturing operations, time-lapsed production inflow allocation and for verifying completion integrity. Fiber-optic diagnostic technology can be delivered as a stand-alone service or can be included as part of EcoStim’s hydraulic stimulation, well completion or coiled-tubing service package.


  • Identify fracture locations and provide volumetric fluid placement in each fracture through acoustic and thermal data modeling
  • Data to optimize fracture treatment programs and diverter strategy
  • Real-time cluster efficiency data that can be correlated with geo-mechanical properties and provide data for future engineered completion designs
  • Permanent or time-lapsed production profiling to show inflow allocation and changes over time
  • Completion integrity verification including the condition of the hydraulic pressure barrier across cemented intervals, packers, ball seats and tubulars
  • Retrievable surveys with capillary injection or coiled tubing to monitor cluster and production efficiency after fracturing operations
  • Optimizing waterflood sweep efficiency

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