Fiber-Optic Monitoring

EcoStim Energy Solutions — Technologies: Fiber Optic Monitoring


Through EcoStim Energy Solutions’ permanent fiber-optic monitoring, we are able to verify wellbore-cement integrity to minimize the risk of disastrous contamination of aquifers and surface water. When using our sliding-sleeve system, producers can also monitor the stimulation operation in real time and also measure the type and quantity of inflow from each stimulation stage over the life of the well. We also offer a temporary monitoring program that does not require sleeves but still provides the same flow properties achieved with the permanent monitoring process. The economic benefits achieved by using less water and power are substantial. Combined with our GeoPredict solutions, which can reduce the number of necessary stages by as much as two-thirds, savings can multiply dramatically.

Pinpoint Well Stimulation

  • Coil tubing deployed
  • No pump-down plugs, actuating balls or perforating guns
  • Five minutes between hydraulic stimulations
  • Uses up to 20 percent less water
  • Add stages on the fly with jet perforating
  • No components to retrieve and no plugs or ball seats to drill out after stimulation
  • More reliable than any other multi-stage system

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