Advantages of EcoStim’s Turbine-Powered Pumping Fleet

The Industry’s Highest Power Output on the Smallest, Lightest Footprint with the Lowest Emissions

The only turbine frac pumps in the industry capable of:

  • Running on 100% natural gas, CNG, LNG or diesel
  • Producing emissions 65% below EPA Tier 4 requirements
  • Delivering 4500 HHP from a single trailer with engines weighing ~ 800 pounds each
OK turbines 700x480
EcoStim’s Turbine-Powered Pumping Fleet

EcoStim’s major investment in computer-control systems has resulted in these major advances over previous turbine pumping units:

  • Multiple redundant safety features are now automated
  • Our turbine-gearbox interface is now 100% computer-controlled (human error issue resolved)
  • The computer-controlled interface allows for smooth engine engagement, reducing maintenance
  • Automated fuel purge and cool-down processes prevent turbine overheating and limit fuel blockage
  • Overall control of turbines and pumps -- including pump-down and pressure-testing -- is now comparable to traditional diesel pumps
  • Multiple emergency shut-down features make turbine damage or catastrophic failure almost impossible
  • A maintenance-management system that records operational parameters automatically schedules preventive maintenance
EcoStim’s Turbine-Powered Pumping Fleet