Why EcoStim? // Purpose Statement


Better Solutions.

The logic is irrefutable: Improving the quality of data allows better predictions. EcoStim Energy Solutions offers a unique service approach for reservoir characterization that improves completions and optimizes hydraulic fracturing operations with advanced chemical, fluid and equipment configurations. EcoStim offers an integrated package that increases efficiency and improves project economics while minimizing environmental impact.


How Less Brings More.

Water is a precious resource. EcoStim offers advanced reservoir characterization and completion techniques to optimize the use of hydraulic energy, ensuring that we use water in a responsible, sustainable and economical manner.

EcoStim Energy Solutions: Why Not Use Less Water?

Better Stewards of Our Natural Resources.

Utilizing smart technology for production is an approach without a downside. In the short term, it delivers more efficiency and profitability. In the long term, it reinforces a far more positive and environmentally responsible public image.

EcoStim Energy Solutions: Why Not Change Public Perception?

EcoStim Energy Solutions: Why Not Invest in Jobs?

Let’s Export Oil, Not Jobs.

We’re all about efficiency, which is one of the reasons we’re committed to strengthening local economies by using local resources, and creating jobs in the regions where we operate.

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